In the Reno-Sparks market as of this today there are only 626 active listings for single family homes.  All key indicators point to a “seller’s market” in most price ranges.  With low supply many sellers think they don’t need to do much to sell their homes.  This is not what we are seeing.  Despite low inventory prices are pretty high in our market and this is leading buyers to be more careful when selecting a home.   Here are some things you can do if you are considering selling in 2020.

  1.  Clean Everything.  A clean house shows that you have maintained the home and helps the buyers look past the dirt and dust to see the features of the home.
  2. Paint.  If you have 12 different paint colors most buyers are going to be turned off.  Many buyers can’t see past the bright green or orange paint aTind will simply move on.
  3. Remove Personal Items.  Take down the family photos and personalized name signs.  Buyers need to be able to picture their family in the home.
  4. Clean and Organize Cabinets, Garage & Storage.  If buyers have to trip over all kinds of boxes and junk in the garage it makes it hard for them to see how great your garage is.
  5. Remove Excess Window Treatments (especially if you are planning to take them.)  Your taste may be different than many buyers so if you have decorative curtains that can come down that may be a good idea.
  6. Tidy Up Your Curb Appeal & Backyard.  It’s Winter now but buyers will still be looking for leaves to be picked up, tress and shrubs trimmed and everything nice an tidy.

Most buyers are looking for the most move-in ready home possible, with clean and bright space, open floor plans, ample storage, functional laundry rooms, and great outdoor spaces.

If you are considering selling in 2020 the Shocket Team is happy to come out and provide our insights on getting your home ready for the market.