When it’s cold outside it’s more important than ever to stay focused on maintaining your home, especially if you are considering selling in the Spring.   Here are some things to consider.

  1. Check Your Gutters & Drainage – make sure that all moisture from the weather outside stays outside.  Proper grading around your home will keep rain and snow runoff from draining into your home.
  2. Clean Your Dryer Vents – regular cleaning of your dryer vent is key to the efficient operation of your dryer and to prevent possible house fires.
  3. Check Your Electrical Systems – check outlets and test GFI outlets, as well as any extension cords in use.
  4. Seal Leaky Doors and Windows – check for proper weather stripping at each door and your garage door.  Ensure windows don’t have gaps that are letting air through.
  5. Service Your Furnace – if you didn’t have your furnace serviced prior to the change in weather you may want to consider getting this done to ensure the system is in good working order.
  6. Trim Trees & Shrubs – if you have any trees or shrubs that are hitting the house get them trimmed.  With windy winter storms the branches can do damage to siding and roofs if not properly trimmed.
  7. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans – you will want to switch your fan so that it is rotating clockwise in the winter.  This will help push warm air down from the ceiling into the room.
  8. Fireplace and Chimney – be sure that your fireplace and chimney are clean before using.
  9. Change Furnace Filter – with the heat running more often during the winter you will want to change your filter more often.

If you need recommendations to local service providers to help you get or keep your home in tip top shape this winter contact the Shocket Team.