Are you considering selling your home in the Reno-Sparks market.  The Shocket Team is here to guide you through the process and we would like to give you 10 things to consider.

  1.  Hire a REALTOR – not all real estate agents offer the same level of experience, market knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals.  The Shocket Team has 16 years of experience helping sellers in the Reno-Sparks market.
  2. Gather your home’s documents and information.  Pull your home maintenance records, your home inspection from when you purchased, your mortgage statement and any other documents that will help you supply information to us when we come to discuss listing your property.
  3. When to sell?  We get asked often when is the best time to sell.  This is different for every seller.   We traditionally see Spring/Early Summer as the when the highest number of homes sell in the Reno-Sparks area.  Does this mean selling in Fall and Winter is not good, not necessarily.  We can help you no matter when you need to sell.
  4. Repairs and items that may need to be made around the house should be addressed prior to listing.  A pre-listing home inspection could be an option to help you find and address potential issues that may come up and cause a buyer concern.
  5. Preparing your home for sale.   Walk to your front curb and stand and face your home.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  What do you see?  Walk inside and walk through each room and look at it from a buyer’s perspective.  What needs to be done?  Cleaning, de-cluttering, painting, repairs etc?  We can also do a walk through with you and help get a punch list put together.