If you are considering buying a home this Spring in the Reno-Sparks market we feel the most important thing you can do is hire the right agent.  Not all agents are created equal.  Here are some of the things you may want to ask your agent.

  1.  Will you be working for me exclusively? In Nevada it is legal for an agent to represent both the buyer and the seller, but the documents you will be required to sign if the agent represents you and the seller clearly state this is a “conflict of interest.”  Hiring someone who works exclusively for you is key.
  2.  How will you help us find properties?  Your agent should have access to the multiple listing service (the marketplace where Realtors place their listings inviting buyer’s agents to bring a buyer) where they can set up an interactive search for properties meeting your criteria.  Good agents will go the extra mile to look for potential listings that are coming soon, for sale by owner or pocket listings of colleagues.
  3. Once we find a property how do we know we have all the information about that property?  An experienced agent brings a lot of value in this respect.  They may have helped clients buy or sell in the same neighborhood.  In addition, a good agent will run a market analysis, pull recorded documents (deed and mortgage info), review the assessor’s record, look for permits, look at previous MLS listings, call the homeowner’s association, and much more to track down all the pertinent facts.
  4. Will you review the purchase contract and disclosures with us?  The amount of paperwork a buyer will be signing to make an offer on a property can seem overwhelming.  An experienced agent will take the time to walk buyers through every paragraph of every page of the contract and disclosures, taking the time to ensure understanding.  A good doesn’t say  “just sign here.”
  5.  How will you negotiate on our behalf?  An experienced agent can help guide you through the factors that make up an offer, as it’s not just about price.   What’s important to you and learning what’s important to the seller is key to strong negotiations.  Closing dates, splitting closing costs, inspection and loan contingencies, home repairs, and personal property that may be staying with the home are just some of the things a good agent will help negotiate on your behalf.

Rumor has it that working with the listing agent will save you money.  We would argue that it could cost you much more in the long run.  Take the time to find your own buyer’s agent – someone who is “working for you.”   Reno-SparksRealEstate.com