If you’re getting ready to chomp into that chocolate Easter bunny, the WAY you eat it can reveal something about your personality.

Ears First:

If you’re the kind of person who nibbles on the ears first, you’re a practical organized and traditional person who values security and you’re extremely loyal.  You might be a little impatient at times but everyone loves you!

Tail First:

If you start with the chocolate tail, you’re the type that usually takes the road less traveled. But don’t think it’s because you’re an innovator, because you usually don’t like people knowing just what you’re up to.  You’re a bit cautious and maybe a little sneaky!

Biting or Snapping Off Rabbit Head:

You’re restless, independent and always on the go, and being a go-getter, you like to get the job done.  You also have a sparkling personality and make friends easily.

Go In Feet First:

If you eat the chocolate bunny paws first, it’s not so much because you’re trying to gain some “rabbit foot” luck, but rather you’re a caring and nurturing type of person, who also needs constant assurance that you are loved back.  Your insecurity causes you to fear being taken for granted or taken advantage of, thus clinging, or in the case of eating the feet first, “hobbling” things so they won’t get away.

Breaking Bunny In Half:

Breaking the chocolate bunny in half is pretty much how you live life, “half full” being a bit skeptical or pessimistic about things.  However you have a purpose in life, of making others feel like they have it better.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, you like being a pessimist, and some find your pessimism a bit humorous.

What part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?


Just send an email to ShocketTeam@gmail.com by Sunday, April 16th and place your vote for how you eat your chocolate bunny and we will enter your name into a drawing to win $100 Home Depot gift card so you can get a jump on your Spring Cleaning and Gardening.  One entry per email address.

Ears First          Tail First             Snap The Head Off

Feet First           Break It In Half

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