Would you buy a resale home without the help of a professional REALTOR? No, so why would you consider purchasing a new construction home from a builder without your REALTOR?  Here’s what you need to know:

  • New home builders will often not pay your REALTOR unless your first visit to the new home community is made by both you and your agent.  (Don’t go in on a whim!)
  • The very friendly and informative sales agent in the office represents the builder/seller.  If your agent isn’t present to represent you will will be an “unrepresented” party in the transaction.  Who will be on your side if a problem arises?
  • Many buyers believe that if they purchase new construction without an agent that the builder will discount the price to offset the commission dollars they save.  This is not the case.  The builder will just add it to their bottom line.  If a builder reduces a sales price they set a precedent to future buyers and they avoid this at all costs.
  • Your REALTOR can help you navigate the contract, contingency timelines, the loan and escrow process just like we do in resale transactions.  Just getting you in the door is not the end of our participation when you purchase new construction.  We’re there until the end.

If you have been considering purchasing new construction in the Reno-Sparks market the Shocket Team can help.  We have experience representing clients in new home purchases.  We have a comprehensive list of new construction developments and all details on the home sizes, prices and amenities.  Contact us today.  Reno-SparksRealEstate.com