Let’s take a look real estate sales in the Sparks-Spanish Springs area for 2016.  Sales of homes in the Sparks-Spanish Springs account for 32.14% of the total sales in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area.   The median price for homes sold in the Sparks-Spanish Springs area in 2016 was $288,500.  Homes in Sparks on average sold in 88 days on the market and at 98.80% of listed sales price.

Let’s look at the stats by neighborhood.

# Sales Median Price Avg Days List/Sale Ratio
Sparks 271 $200,000 87 98.55%
Sparks – East 457 $245,000 83 99.06%
Sparks Suburban 451 $315,000 82 98.98%
South Spanish Springs 469 $332,000 97 99.01%
West Spanish Springs 268 $309,450 89 98.89%
East Spanish Springs 58 $440,000 106 98.56%
Palimino Valley 14 $334,000 162 98.94%
Sparks Foothills 112 $330,049 81 98.38%

As of today there are currently 243 active listings in all of these Sparks-Spanish Springs neighborhoods with a median price of $340,000.  This is in comparison to 729 in Reno that are listed at a median price $469,000.  Buyers looking for more home for their money should consider Sparks-Spanish Springs.

Sellers in the Sparks-Spanish Springs area can take advantage of currently low inventories.  In Sparks-Spanish Springs there is currently 2.7 months of inventory, in comparison to Reno at 3.1 months.

The Shocket Team at Dickson Realty has been a part of the Sparks community for over 20 years.  If you are looking to buy or sell we can help.